Going Down Memory Lane – Antique Hunting

People who collect Antiques sometimes have some interesting pieces and whats even better is, they make pretty decent photographs. You also get a chance to go down memory lane. While Roller Skates are still available on sites like Amazon, the pair in these photographs is at least twenty-five years old.  

Unfortunately, the origin of some of the items, such as the wooden chest and carved statue was unknown but they are dated back some fifteen years.  Floppy Diskettes and Video Home System or VHS Cassettes are now a thing of the past as well, although these are still available on Amazon.com also. The more things change the more they stay the same it would appear.   

In this particular collection, most valuable would be the Vinyl Records. Bob Marley is a legend in his own right the world over and so just having an original album of his, especially in Vinyl Record form is not only valuable but priceless. 

If you find any items you believe to be an antique, why not take a photo and feel free to post it on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ImageFingerprint/ 

Happy Antique hunting. 


Vinyl Record Albums  




Antique Chest                                                                                                                               



Wood Carvin 


Antique Phones 




Phone Black Berry  



Nokia Internet Data Cable 



Original Roller Skates 



Cufflinks and Tye Pins 


VCR Cassetts 


Floppy Diskettes 








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