Wonder of the World Plant

You get the strangest lessons or reminders at the strangest times and thankfully Photography is also an avenue which facilitates this. Early one morning, I was looking at some old Kalanchoe Pinnata or Wonder of the World Plant, leaves, in the kitchen. The leaves were brown and crumpled and for any other plant, it would have meant it was time to throw them out. 

The Wonder of the World plant is extraordinary, medicinally and because it is at the point of dryness when it looks as though it is at its end, that its old leaves sprout new life. You can place the leaf on the ground or in a pot and in a very short time, you will have a new plant.  You can also put a good leaf, between the pages of a book and it grows as well.

I could not help but think that sometimes in life situations are like that. Things seem hopeless but if you hold on, your best hour is yet to come, for truly “These Dry Bones can live” and as in the case of these photographs, it’s only a matter of perspectives. 





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