Stop Driving And Talking On Your Cell Phone

Imagefingerprint is really disturbed by the number of persons observed driving and talking on cell phones on the nations roads. cell shot with logo 059

These less than cleaver drivers think they are being brilliant when they put the phone on speaker, hold it in their hand and sometimes toss the phone to the floor when they see a police car. That is soooo dangerous.

Do these people not care about themselves or their families, much less their fellow citizens using the roads. This practice is becoming part of the culture of the country. How much does a head set cost as opposed to the consequences of exercising such poor judgement???

We need to see these culprits charged as per the law of the land, which says “it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle and talk on a cell phone”. “oh” and to the driver who said “no one follows the law” tell that to the Magistrate and see what happens.

Imagefingerprint would like to see a wall of shame which has the photographs of some of these drivers displayed, not only would the police have evidence to take action but the guilty driver would probably die of shame, seeing his or her photograph posted.


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