Marrying two of my passions

Another favorite thing of mine to do is cook. I did a catering course years ago and so I am always interested in cooking good food. You just have to log onto Youtube to find countless recipes in the form of cooking videos. One particular channel I follow is NigerianCuisine, simply fantastic food from the Mother Land as it were.

Most recently, I spent some time in the kitchen, which also allows me to marry two of my passions, photography and cooking. I made a simple meal of vegetables and rice with chicken. The dish is prepared very dry and calls for cooking the rice fist then mixing it with the meat and vegetables after they are cooked. Add a fresh salad with some Apple Cider for dressing and your good to go. Quick, Light and Healthy and not only is Apple Cider Tasty it has multiple health benefits according to this Reader’s Digest Article 

My hard work paid off great photos and a scrumptious meal. ENJOY.


Be sure to stop by my Youtube Channel to view my amazing slide show of these photos.

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