Sugar Apple

with-logo-20160917_094436Many of the fruits we grew up eating are either not around anymore or are sold way to expensively. So called progress has bulldozed fruit trees in its path, for the sole purpose of erecting sky scrapers.  Downs, Mammy Spote, Sour Cherries and Fat Pork to name a few are seldom seen and some, I myself have just heard about. Some children only know grapes and apples and would prefer those to our local mangoes, plums and other local fruits.

Fruits have a positive impact on our health and the absence of sufficient fruits in our diets and the substitution for artificial sugars, has contributed to a rise in childhood and adult diabetic cases. Fruits lend to the body’s daily fiber intake and when eaten first thing in the morning, can greatly assist by naturally moving waste out of our systems.

At the supermarket most recently, I came across the locally grown fruit Sugar Apple. Now to be honest, from time to time I would see these wonderful apples being sold in heaps on the highways and byways, for as much as twenty ($20.00) and twenty-five ($25.00) dollars. These heaps sometimes contain four or five apples. The price at the supermarket was reasonable and I thought, first photographs and then of course I get to consume these natural sugar-bags, after all my hard work.

I did some reading on the Sugar Apple and not only is it tasty but it contains a “high level of vitamin C and can help prevent asthma as a result”. It is also good for high-blood pressure, your eyes, bones, your heart and can control your cholesterol. ( by Copper). In its green state there are also benefits such as assisting with diarrhea and the leaves also make a good tea. I was not able to gather information on the origin of the plant though.

I hope I will be able to bump into more local fruits and bring them to you. Happy eating if you do find some Sugar Apples.  with-logo-20160917_094221 with-logo-20160917_094436 with-logo-20160917_094606 with-logo-20160917_094901



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