Simple Things Make Nice Photos

From time to time, I would post on social media under the title “Simple Things Make Nice Photos”. 

I find it fascinating that I may be going about my business and my eyes catch a subject with just the right light, and what do you know? I have a beautiful and unusual photo. Mind you, this object may be something I see every day.

For example, just look at the pencil shavings in one of the photos or the sunlight falling on the window. You just have to be paying attention. I remember going to a workshop, and the facilitator took us out into the field. Our assignment was to see how many brown objects we could photograph, and a whole new world opened up.

From dry leaves to fallen tree trunks and even insects, there were all sorts of brown subjects. If you are a photo enthusiast, try it, and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Do check out our YouTube video as well.

See you in my next blog.

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