Photoshop and Photography

After an exercise today, I have renewed respect for Graphic Artist. GemGfx who are responsible for building and hosting my website, make working with Photoshop, which is a graphic editing programme look so easy.

I took this shot of a bird in the back yard and found the bird’s posture was particularly interesting. However the branches of the tree got in the way, making the shot a little confusing. Having taken a course in Photoshop (years ago), I decided to try my hand at it again today, even though I have mixed emotions about manipulating and or editing any photo I take.

When you look at the photo, don’t looking at my Photoshop skills. Look objectively at the before and the after. The changes help you to see the subject of the photo which is the bird. Why not try your hand at Photoshop and send me feedback, let me know what you came up with.

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