Photos from the Garden

Gardening is a beautiful hobby that allows you to get exercise, and save money, as growing your own food cuts down on your shopping bill. You also have the added benefit of growing food naturally or organically as opposed to consuming food non-organically grown. However, for a Photographer Gardening is also an opportunity to get some fantastic photos.

There are lots of interesting subjects in the garden. Whether it is an unusual leaf, a bountiful crop harvest, or even pesky insects, there is always something to take a photo of. You can just take your camera with you into the garden and just take photos on a day when you have light work to do. There are so many photographic opportunities for example, some weeds have the most beautiful flowers and you almost feel sorry that weeds must be removed for your plants to thrive.

In this blog, I am just sharing some of my garden shots with you. Feel free to comment on which shot is your favorite below.

Thanks for stopping by and see you in my next blog.

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