Making Great Photos, With Everyday Things In The Kitchen

Sometimes, well most times, you take a million shots and just manage to get a couple decent ones out of the hundreds. Usually, as well I get some interesting things around the house, especially when I am in the kitchen. Just look at these shots and see how you can find ordinary things around the house to make into great photos.

For example, just look at these photos of the ingredients which are meant for a cake.  Out of all that I took I like these two the best. 

 Food Photography can be most rewarding. When you are done you get to eat all the goodies.  


Nutmeg is one of my favorite spices and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of these photos. 

A staple all over the Caribbean is the Mauby Drink which is made from the bark of the Mauby Tree.  

  The wonder of the World leaf. 

Cracked open this coconut only to find this surprise inside. 

   Finally, these local treats of coconut-tarts, marble cake, and corn pie taste as good as they look

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