Highlights – Funeral For An Honourable, Former Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Manning

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago laid to rest today, 9th July, 2016 an Honourable Former Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning. A leader who was herald for creating Vision 2020, the blueprint for what he envisioned that this country could become.

A State Funeral for a leader who opened the door for all and sundry to access Tertiary Education, at minimal cost, while laying the foundation for an academically educated population, again by 2020. He extended a helping hand to our Caribbean neighbors, so much so, that one island declared two (2) days of mourning, for a man (who was not perfect and made mistakes, like all of us ) a leader, who believed in the concept of one (1) Caribbean and being my brothers keeper.

These are some shots of Mr. Manning’s wife, Mrs. Hazel Manning and other dignitaries arriving for the service and of the casket, draped in our National Flag, being brought to the church by the armed forces.WITH LOGO IMG_9669WITH LOGO IMG_9668WITH LOGO IMG_9659 WITH LOGO IMG_9658 WITH LOGO IMG_9656 WITH LOGO IMG_9649 WITH LOGO IMG_9644 WITH LOGO IMG_9643 WITH LOGO IMG_9642 WITH LOGO IMG_9639WITH LOGO IMG_9694 WITH LOGO IMG_9635 WITH LOGO IMG_9634 WITH LOGO IMG_9633 WITH LOGO IMG_9632 WITH LOGO IMG_9631 WITH LOGO IMG_9629 WITH LOGO IMG_9627 WITH LOGO IMG_9625 WITH LOGO IMG_9620 WITH LOGO IMG_9618 WITH LOGO IMG_9616 WITH LOGO IMG_9611.WITH LOGO IMG_9694WITH LOGO 20160711_094404WITH LOGO 20160711_094800WITH LOGO 20160711_094750WITH LOGO IMG_9701WITH LOGO IMG_9713WITH LOGO IMG_9720WITH LOGO IMG_9730WITH LOGO IMG_9728WITH LOGO IMG_9726WITH LOGO IMG_9660WITH LOGO 20160711_095802

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