Black and White Photography

Black and white Photography gives a different perspective of the subject. For instance this monkey and her baby. The black and white version looks good and adds a different kind of richness to the shot. With Logo BLACK AND WHITE zoo 047

With Logo 1 zoo 047

Back when film was very much alive, photographers would by colored and black and white film just to get some shots, using the latter and there are still photographers who shoot this way. They are ably assisted by their digital cameras now of course. With Logo BLACK AND WHITE Down the islands 238

With Logo Down the islands 238

You can also use Photoshop, if you do not want to shoot in black an white or your camera does not have that feature. I was doing some work in Photoshop myself and decided to play around with a few shots turning them into black and white. I think I will be doing some more of this just for variety. With Logo BLACK AND WHITE World War 2 Jail Cell

With logo World War 2 Jail Cell

Let me know what you think of these shots. With Logo BLACK AND WHITE Stone and Pearls

With Logo Stone and Pearls Also if there are any shots on the website, you would like to see in black and white let me know, I will give it a go.

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