Antique Typewriter

There was a show on television, which saw people taking their old antiques to be valuated. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the show though. I would watch week after week, as some people were pleasantly surprised to discover items they had in their family for generations, were worth a small fortune.

Then there is the hobbyists, who would go shopping for antiques and the interior decorator who would be given the job to create some old English style room. What ever the case antiques encapsulate history and so they are interesting and valuable at times. Take for instance the story which is told of a person discovering what turned out to be, a pair of shackles used to chain slaves on what is believed to have been a plantation. Now that is a priceless piece.

I recently came across this old antique manual typewriter, it is more than thirty (30) years old and I am not sure of its value. IMG_8796














However, not only were these machines noisy but they were slow compared to the upgraded electric ones which came after. Interestingly, old model typewriters used typewriter ribbons (the red and black ribbons in the photo) and depending on what you were typing, you had to start all over when you made a mistake. Not to mention they could not save documents. You may wonder how people made out without computers but people managed and the skill of a typist was much sought after.

Hope this story causes you to keep your eyes open, for pieces of history all around us, waiting to be rediscovered.

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