Keeping Our History Alive – The Way We Were.

History to any people is important and this history can be captured in many ways. One such way is to preserve bits and pieces of artifacts. For example, “human craft, especially tools, weapons, or ornaments of archaeological or historical interest” ( Also of importance to is documenting home remedies for common ailments as they have fewer side effects than modern medicine.  

On a visit to the Emancipation Village this year, one of the very interesting booths was put on by the Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project. On display at their booth were some items which are no longer manufactured as they have been replaced by modern versions. 

For example, take a look at this petrol stove or as we Trinis say “Pitch Oil”. Today we have gas and electric stoves. 

Also, these handy irons would be placed on the stove top and heated so as to iron clothing. Today we have electric irons. 

Have a look at some of the other items of yesteryear. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any fond memories of using these items. 


Finally, particularly interesting was a concoction in two (2) large bottles. The representative at the booth informed us, curious visitors, that these were actually homemade antivenoms. Upon close examinations of the bottles, snakes and other creatures could be seen submerged in some sort of preserving fluid. Further, the guide said that the medicine had to be consumed within five (5) minutes of being bitten by any harmful creature such as snakes. The nearest hospital or clinic was miles away and transport then was not readily available, hence the need for homemade remedies.      


You may want to consider a trip to your local museum where you will, of course, find more of these spinets of our history.  

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