From My Garden – Tomatoes Make Nice Photos

Three freshly picked tomatoes, small, medium and slightly larger are lined diagonally on a white plate.
The tomatoes are red or ripe, yellow or half ripe and green.

When you are a Photographer you see an opportunity to take a photo daily, for sure, and at least almost every second of the day. I tried my hand at Gardening and got at least a dozen tomatoes. I toyed around with how to compose them and came up with this shot.

Sometimes simple is most effective. A white plate on this black background helps the subject or subjects in this case stand out. You can use black fabric or black bristol board or crafting board as it is sometimes called. The tomatoes did cast shadows but they added to the photo so I was not too troubled. I used natural morning light coming in from a window and a standing lamp. The tomatoes were also freshly washed and so there are a few drops of water in the shot.

As for equipment I used my Samsung Galaxy phone and no I do not have the most recent model. One of my Photography teachers said, yes it is about equipment but it is about having an eye for a good photo as well. If you have the most expensive equipment and you do not have an eye for the shot then all you have is equipment. So use what you have.

Do enjoy making marvellous photos.

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