Caribbean Dogs Love Eating Mangoes

One of the advantages of living in the Caribbean is the fact that we have fruits all year round, as there is always a season for one fruit or the other. One of my favorites is “mango season” as we call it. There is an event put on by the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus where they show case almost all the mangoes we find either here in Trinidad and Tobago or the wider Caribbean.

At this “mango fest” as it were you can also sample some of the products that can be made using mango as the main ingredient. From drinks such as mango juice to mango ice creams. If my memory serves me right there was also soap made from mangoes, so versatile is the fruit.

Believe it or not even the dogs in the Caribbean love the fruit to. Someone once told me that they had to make sure and pick the mangoes off their tree, if they wanted to get any because their dog would stand on his back legs and grab the mango right off the tree.

Well the proof is in the pudding. The video in this blog shows just how true that story may be.

Here you would see a family’s pet dog just enjoying a mango and you wonder if the dog is asking, who needs chow???


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