Put This First – Jesus Christ Is the Reason for The Christmas Season

I cannot believe it has been this long since I last posted to the site. Needless to say my website’s creator (my brother) has already asked me with a hint of attitude and rightly so (after all his hard work) if I don’t use the site anymore? No excuses but studies have had me giddy and it has not helped that my computer crashed.

Maybe to, I need better time management skills, that way I will be able to accomplish ten thousand things in a day but you know what they say, you do the best you can. None the less, I have missed my photography and writing and so I am back by the Grace of God.

Christmas is around the corner “literally” and while I am not into the commercial aspect of it, I do enjoy the cleaning and fixing up the house. You do not have to have money as we say, to enjoy the Christmas Season. We have been making do with what we have for years. It’s no longer about buying new curtains which you do not need nor is it about buying “ham, lam and jam” as we say in Trinidad and Tobago.

Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ, love, peace, joy, contentment and sharing and you do not find those things in the stores, at bargain sales. We have been using the same decorations for years and some are hand made.

So in spite of all that is going on around us, lets remember the reason for the up coming season by keeping Jesus Christ first and foremost the reason for the Christmas Season.

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