Fixing The Kennel – An Expert Welder

As a photographer and writer, I try never to miss an opportunity to take photographs or write a story. So when Mr. Felix, our Welder, came to repair the dog kennel, I grasped the opportunity, as it literally fell, in my back yard. Anyone who is a responsible dog owner, knows very well that you have to feed, bathe, groom (very guilty of not doing that often enough) and house or secure rather, your dogs properly.

The recent passing of the Dangerous Dog Act, made it mandatory for “dangerous dog owners” to properly secure their dogs. Not only do their yards have to be properly fenced but they also must have muzzles, when taking their dogs for a walk. Please note the muzzle, is for the dog and not the owner. I just could not resit that last line.

Back to the kennel. Made of iron wrapped with BRC wire, the dog house as it were, was a tad bit run down. Male dogs like to mark their territory and the iron gets rusty after a time. Thankfully, we are in the dry season and the weather held out, so Mr. Felix, being a very good tradesman was able to complete the job in a couple of hours, actually in less than five (5) hours. Mr. Felix says  that, the right tools are an asset. Not only does he work fast but he does quality work.

He first put the frame on its side as this allowed him to cut off all the rusty parts. This came down to a neat, little pile, as the entire bottom and parts of the side were completely rusted. He then cut the new iron and welded it in place. One day I will do a story on different vocational skills, such as Welding, Carpentry, Masonry and so on. Oh and how can I forget Sewing, particularly since its a foundation block in our family.

The doors were then checked, with a funny looking gadget (I forgot to ask Mr. Felix the name) for straightness. The plywood which makes the floor of the kennel was then measured, cut and fitted in. Mr. Felix also put the old floor boards under the new plywood, so as to create more stability and this was an excellent idea as one of the dogs, does a fair bit of jumping. I included a short video clip, in this story, so you will see exactly what I mean. I made the video some time ago.

The dogs took a while but they settled down in their newly renovated kennel, eventually.

Never a dull day in photography. Hope you enjoyed the story and liked the photographs and just to put a plug in for Mr. Flex, anyone needing an expert welder, drop me a note and I will give you his contact number.

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